2021 UK HR Coordinator Salary Trends and Job Profile Analysis

HR Coordinator salary trends in uk

As the effects of the Coronavirus subsided, the UK has seen rapid growth in jobs and vacancies. Hiring has been up by 25% for contractual jobs and 15% for full-time opportunities. The spurt in jobs is expected, but this also signals something else– higher demand for HR professionals who now need to balance employee hiring, retention, onboarding, and employee wellbeing. 

The difficult part of the equation is that since many companies are still having their employees work from home, a lot of the work of HR Coordinators have become digital, and they are having to step up as companies grapple to create the best environment for their employees in this rapidly changing world that is facing new challenges every single day. 

Salary trends for HR Coordinators

The average salary of HR Coordinators in the UK starts from around £20k-£25k. The salary grows slowly to around £25k-£30k till 4-5 years of work experience. 

HR Coordinator salary trends in uk
Fig: Salary in £ per years of experience for HR Coordinators in the UK, Souce: Data from JobsPikr

After this, the salary grows rapidly to somewhere between £40k-£50k once you reach 6-10 years of work experience. This rapid growth after the 4-5 year mark could be because that is around when HR Coordinators usually get promoted to a senior level.

Search results for HR Coordinator Jobs

Search results for HR Coordinators showed almost 11k jobs in the year 2021. These job results were spread across almost 2.5k companies in different cities of the UK.

hr coordinator job postings in uk
Fig: HR Coordinator Job Postings and Metrics in the UK, as recorded in 0ct 2021  Souce: Data from JobsPikr

The average number of jobs per company among the top 5k companies was about 4. The unique job titles were around 1.6k. Unique skill-keywords were found to be slightly more than 1.1k.

Top skills in demand for HR Coordinators

Among the top skills in demand for HR Coordinators in the UK, Management is at the top. Since HR Coordinators have their main job set as planning out hiring strategies as well as managing the problems and requirements of existing employees, management being at the top is justified.

HR Coordinator skill trends in uk
         Fig: Top skills mentioned in HR Coordinator job posts in the UK, Source: Data collected by JobsPikr

The next 4 are Onboarding, Employee Relations, Operations, and Legislation. There is no specific ranking among these since their frequency of occurrence differs with every month and often overtakes each others’. 

Onboarding new employees and bringing them up to speed with the company policies, benefits, and other documentation is one of the primary responsibilities of HR Coordinators. This is a very vital part of their jobs since it helps new joiners take the first step, and become familiar with the policies and other details. Improving employee relations is another vital part since this helps improve the retention of employees. It also boosts productivity and improves inter-team coordination. 

Operations usually refer to the day-to-day activities related to employee workflows undertaken by HR. Understanding the law of the land and deciphering it, and applying it to company processes is also important so that companies don’t get sued. This is undertaken by HR Coordinators as well.  

Job Types for HR Coordinators

More than 75% of all HR Coordinator jobs in the UK are at the entry-level. The rest are made up of mid-level positions.

HR Coordinator seniority type in uk
Fig: HR Coordinator Jobs based on seniority, Source: Data collected by JobsPikr

The absence of executive-level jobs is not surprising since most HR Coordinators are part of the mid-level management and end up moving on to leadership or senior management positions after a few years of experience in managing both new joiners and existing employees, solving their problems, and working for their betterment.

HR Coordinator job types in uk
Fig: HR Coordinator Jobs (Full time vs the rest), Source: Data collected by JobsPikr

Full-time job opportunities make up the lion’s share of the HR Coordinator jobs in the UK. Contractual jobs come second. Contractual jobs are also full-time jobs, but they are for a set time, like a few months or years. There are a few undefined and part-time jobs for the HR Coordinator position as well; however, no volunteer or internship positions can be found from the data.

The UK and HR Coordinator Jobs

Like other developed countries, the UK has a large number of white-collar jobs. Some of the biggest banks, financial firms, and consultancies have multiple offices in the country. These companies need HR Coordinators to handle their employee relationships, resolve tussles that may take place between employees, improve coordination between teams and look after hiring and firing requirements. Post covid life may also require companies to re-structure the benefit and add-ons that they provide to employees, to align them better to this changing world– this too would need to be undertaken by HR Coordinators.

While pursuing these activities, HR Coordinators also need to be updated about the latest laws in the UK so that they abide by them, when dealing with employees. This is extremely important to avoid litigation and reduce risks of getting sued– which often result in millions of dollars in settlement payouts.

As hirings gather steam post covid, HR Coordinators positions will open up further and the demand for such personnel is only expected to grow. They would be vital in helping companies manage the upcoming hybrid work model where employees may work from home for a few days of a month, and go to the office for the rest. 

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