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We’re getting closer to the beta launch of JobsPikr – a job data feeds delivery platform that extracts data directly from the company websites. This is an exciting time for us and we’re happy to share some of the key information related to this platform. JobsPikr is meant for anyone who’s looking to get job data from the popular companies across the globe. It uses a powerful machine learning algorithm that can intelligently extract job data feeds from thousands of corporate websites directly and make it available for easy consumption. This auto-extraction algorithm ensures high quality data delivery with optimal speed and contributes to the high efficiency of the solution. Hence, You as a business owner can get data on demand with a few clicks – yes, that’s all it takes to get data from JobsPikr.

What can you do with JobsPikr’s Job Data Feeds?

As extracting data from the web still remains a huge bottleneck, a solution like this can help bridge the gap between job data and companies looking to make use of it. Companies in the recruitment and labour analytics industries can benefit from JobsPikr in numerous ways. Below are some of the primary things you can do with the data from JobsPikr.

Fuel your Job Board

If you run a job board website, you can totally relate with the fact that having more job listings is directly proportionate to the value provided by your website, which also translates into an increase in the revenue. Job data is undoubtedly the fuel on which job boards run. This is why the easy availability of job data matters to job boards. Since extracting such data from a huge number of websites demands resources like technical labor, high end servers and an extensive tech stack, there is an apparent imbalance in the supply of this much-needed data. JobsPikr has been built to put an end to this issue.

With JobsPikr, you are only a few clicks away from job listings posted on thousands of company websites every day. JobsPikr runs automated crawls on company websites from different parts of the world to bring this data together at one place. All you have to do is select the geography from where you need data, pick your data bundles, make the payment, and access it. Since the data provided by JobsPikr is compatible with databases, the only thing left for you to do is plug the data to your job board website’s database.

Generate insights

Data is the raw material of any research project. Hence, there is huge demand for high quality data in the research and analytics space. If you are working on a research that involves identifying trends in the labor market, changes in job profiles, requirements etc., the job data feeds can be used to cover it. With JobsPikr, you can be assured about the reliability of the research output as the data is fresh and fetched directly from corporate websites. Also, the clean and structured data delivery ensures that it can be easily consumed by the data analytics system.

Generate demand for recruitment consultancies

If you run an HR consultancy firm, identifying potential customers is the key to more revenue. This would be basically all about discovering companies that are currently hiring. It’s not feasible to manually visit huge number of corporate sites for this lead generation exercise. JobsPikr makes this easy with the ready to use job data bundles. Just by selecting the geography you can get the data required for lead generation like company details and the job description. This will help staffing agencies in getting around the bottlenecks of data extraction while giving them a boost in the revenue. Listing job requirements on the portal attracts talents and this in turn helps you quickly build a database of prospective candidates.

Job Data Feeds – Whats under the hood?

JobsPikr runs on top of  AutoExtract algorithm (developed by our parent company, PromptCloud – a pioneer in DaaS solutions) that can automatically find important fields from career pages of any company’s website and extract them. We collated the common class names and html tags that are used on job posting pages on millions of sites to feed this AutoExtract engine. Having received such huge amount of training data, the engine is capable of handling any new site being added to it with minimal manual intervention. The crawls are made on a daily basis to ensure the availability of fresh data feeds at all time.

Key features of JobsPikr

  • Helps save time
  • Helps save resources involved in the data extraction process
  • No maintenance overhead
  • Ready to use formatted data
  • Minimizes the total cost of ownership

Data certainly gives a clear advantage in business these days, but the advantage is always higher to the early adopters. If you require job data to fuel your business or research, subscribe and be the first to know when JobsPikr goes live. You can visit this page to subscribe and stay updated.

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