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Job Searching vs Job Portal-A Technological Myth

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Introduction To Job Searching Vs Job Portals

Searching for jobs all by yourself means looking out for job advertisements in every nook and cranny you can find. Or putting up with that pestering uncle who promises he will get you a job in his office. Or paying quite a hefty sum to that agency that promises it will hook you up with the job that will best fit you. No matter where you look, your choices are limited. Even if there are job openings, there is a high chance that you won’t get to even know about it until it’s too late. Let’s explore the job search myths.

Job Searching has become a thing of the past. Today when almost every business has moved online, job-search is not far behind. We have moved to an era where job search myths itself has become a social media of connections in itself. But there are also certain myths regarding how technology has removed all the hurdles on your path to get a job. We will be discussing both sides of the coin today.

Why Use Job Portals And Job Boards?

Job portals and job boards help solve many of the problems that occur in a traditional job-hunting. In a nutshell, these are online sites that feature thousands of job listings that are either posted by employers or scraped off the web. In this digital day and age, everyone turns to these online sites when looking for jobs. And why won’t they? These offer many perks that a job seeker won’t find offline, the primary one being the sheer number of choices. The job seeker would fish out any and every opportunity before the advent of job boards, regardless of whether he liked what he got or not. However, an online job search brings quite a few choices to the table, leaving the job seeker with the prospect to choose what he wants. The job comes to you while you sit back, tapping away at the keyboard.

While There Are Many Additional Advantages Of Using A Job Board Or A Job Portal, We Will Highlight A Few For You:

  • The ease of applying to a job online unmatched. You search, you choose, you submit your resume (that some job boards will even help you create), and then you wait to hear from the employer. The hassle of having to go to interview after interview to simply show your resume does not exist in the online job search myths.
  • And of course, there are filters so you can personalize your job search your way. You can select your preferred location, pay, specify your work experience and do loads more using filters, so jobs that are more attuned to your liking can be brought to you.
  • The availability of niche job boards like Dice and Culintro specifically feature jobs that belong to a certain field, in this case, the tech and culinary worlds simultaneously. Someone looking for a job in any of these sectors would be sure to find niche-specific jobs among the listings of such sites. 
  • The availability of features like the dashboard and the Application Tracking System (ATS) make job hunting a breeze. You would simply need to submit your resume to the listing of your choice and leave it to the job board to keep track of the status of your application. As you pass through each level of the interviewing process, the job board will send you notifications and keep you updated. And if you don’t, there are always more options to choose from as most of these sites get updated and bring to you the latest job listings every day. 

What we hope you have learned by now is the fact that online job search. It is a hundred times better than searching for jobs manually. When there are services that take the load off your shoulders while allowing you more time to be productive elsewhere. Why not make use of those? Searching for a job riddled with anxiety and doubt anyway. Which job board or portal does not completely do away with but lessens the burden to an extent. 

Technological Job Search Myths

However, there are a few limitations even when it comes to the mighty job boards or job portals. These are not exactly cons or points that would completely put you off searching for jobs online. But a few weaknesses that even the best of the best have. 

  • While job boards are the know-it-all in the online job search arena. Depending solely on them is not the best idea. Networking has always been an option; the pestering uncle of the olden times is now the social media site LinkedIn, sans the pestering. Instead of recommending their nephews or nieces to the available job, professionals on LinkedIn post new jobs on the site. Hence, the open position does not even make it to a job board. 
  • You could be one of the most competent, responsible and honest employees. But that will never be enough to get you a job unless it reflects on your online profile or resume. Multiple services can help you with this but at the end of the day. You must be aware of the details that you want to put on the plate out there.
  • No rule states that applying online gets you more interview calls than applying to say, advertisements in the newspaper. Your rate of success depends on the strength of your resume. If you do find yourself overlooked both offline and online, it might be time to gather more skills.
  • You might think that applying to multiple job boards would increase your chances of getting a job manifold. But that is not the case. Most employers post job advertisements of their companies across varied portals to increase their chances of finding the perfect candidate. What you will end up doing is mistakenly apply for the same job twice. In which case your application dropped. Sometimes, less is more. 
  • You cannot bank on a meeting. And wish for it to be enough to create the desired impression on your employer. While people skills are important, your knowledge and field skills make more impact. Also, today interviews usually consist of multiple rounds, where some focus on your knowledge. Some on your interpersonal skills, and rest on your managerial abilities. 

Job Search Myths – Conclusion

 While we have dispelled the fact that technology alone can’t help job seekers across the ocean. Technology does make a difference. Sometimes the difference is too large to ignore. And what you ignore is what is available on the table picked up by competitors. In case you have a job board or an online job consultancy firm, and you need a real-time job feed that has fresh listings along with a ton of filters, you should use our job discovery service- JobsPikr. Trusted by multiple giants in the industry and built by our DaaS team at PromptCloud, this tool can get you the data which would act as the path on which you can lay down the very foundations of your online recruitment agency or job board.

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