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JobsPikr Gets a Major Upgrade: Now Extract Data from Job Boards

JobsPikr | Get a Major Upgrade Now Extract Data from Job Boards

It’s almost been an year since we launched JobsPikr and the product has come a long way in terms of features and user adoption during this short span of time. We now have a sizable number of customers from the recruitment industry including HR consultancies, market research firms and niche job boards. While JobsPikr is a unique solution that focused on delivering job postings data extracted directly from company websites across the globe, we have been getting quite a lot of feedback indicating the need to integrate job boards in the source list too. Our team was working on the implementation of this for the last couple of months and all the efforts have come to fruition now. JobsPikr will now start fetching data from the popular job boards on top of company websites. We’re excited to share the new improvements and changes here.

Job boards added to the source list

While JobsPikr was initially meant to be a job feed extraction solution that sticks to company websites alone for the data. However, we perceived a growing demand from niche job board companies and recruitment firms for large amounts of job data from the popular job boards.

jobspikr job board extract listings


We have now added 11 job boards to the source list as of now including popular ones like CareerBuilder, Indeed, Monster and Dice. The schema and data points delivered are the same as that of company pages.

Below is a list of the data points included in the schema.

  • URL
  • Company name
  • Job Title
  • Location
  • Job Text
  • Crawl Time-stamp

User experience improvements

With the addition of job boards, some user interface changes were imperative. Apart from those, we made significant improvements to the dashboard and site selection page which we are hopeful to make subscribing to job feeds easier. The dashboard now has better reporting features to give more control to you.

jobspikr job board extract listings


Improved crawler component stability

While we had to adapt our existing crawler component to accommodate data extraction from job boards, we also improved the overall stability of the setup by further training the AI-based algorithm which powers the AutoExtract feature of JobsPikr. This should make JobsPikr a lot more stable and versatile, making it more immune to the site structure changes.

New geographies covered

We have added new sources from Middle East Asia and United Kingdom including company websites and job boards. This will further help our mission to deliver job data at global scale.

Get started

With the new improvements and features in place, we can’t wait for you to try out the all new version of JobsPikr. Sign up here and start acquiring job feeds from the best sources, without the hassles of in-house data extraction methods.

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