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It’s been 2 years since the initial launch of JobsPikr as an automated tool to gather fresh job postings data from the web. We’ve made tremendous improvements over the last 2 years and not only has the data coverage improved drastically, we also did quite a lot of advancements in terms of how it can be consumed. Today, we’re excited to launch JobsPikr v3 which is a major upgrade to our platform since the introduction of job boards as a data source. Let’s quickly walk you through the new features and additions to look forward to in this release and how it helps in tailored job feed.

JobsPikr V3.0 Update

1. Build your own job feed using granular filters

With the older versions of JobsPikr, you could subscribe to sites and job boards based with some basic filters. With JobsPikr v3, you can create custom search queries based on a wide array of filters such as location, job title, job posting date, set of keywords and more. It also aids in tailored job feed.

2. Data preview and easy data download

You don’t have to actually download the data file to get a glimpse of how your data will look. The selection window has a data preview area built into it where you can see the total number of records available for your specific query along with 10 sample records.

Once you’re satisfied with the results, you can simply select the number of job listings required and directly download the processed files from the dedicated data downloads section.

3. Open API to query your data

JobsPikr v3 comes with an open API to programmatically access your data using your internal system. You can build a JSON to query the API and get your required data as the output. To make things easier, you can even use the built-in query builder available in the dashboard’s API section to build API queries. It also aids in tailored job feed.

4. Transparent and straightforward pricing

JobsPikr v3 has a simple and straightforward pricing structure which is designed with the needs of various segments of our users in mind and we’re sure you’ll find a plan which fits your bill perfectly.  Pricing is based on the number of records you can download and there’s no set up cost or hidden fees. It also aids in tailored job feed.

Ready to try the all-new version of JobsPikr for Tailored Job Feed?

We have been constantly working on the feedback received from our existing users and have incorporated many of the much sought after features in v3. We’re really eager for you to try it out and feel free to reach out if you have questions. You can log in/sign up on the JobsPikr App.

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