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Job data is being used for a lot more than just matching jobs to candidates today. It’s being used to predict market conditions, figuring which direction the stock market will go, deciding which sectors to invest in, making business-specific decisions, testing out new algorithms, choosing the company’s talent management strategy, and more. However, getting a quality job data stream that you can filter, sort, and apply to different use cases may be hard to find.

The problem is not just in getting the data, but also in having all the other necessary knicks and knacks related to the data that come in handy once you integrate the data source and use it for solving real-life problems. This is where JobsPikr is beneficial- it takes care of all the add on headers on top of providing you with a real-time job stream covering multiple sources. 

Serving Job Data on a Plate

Over a 100 companies worldwide use our job data streaming services to extract underlying trends and solve problems. These include industry giants like Infosys, Upgrad, and Randall Reilly. To provide adequate job data to all those who depend on us, we fetch data from more than 70,000 data sources daily. We also extract 45 data points related to each job post. Along with tackling all of these data problems, we also provide seamless integration in under 60 minutes.

We help our users in extracting labor market trends at a global level and using it to make smarter decisions. Businesses are also equipped to forecast workforce needs by deriving granular insights from the job data we provide. These insights are related to specific locations, talent, and skill sets, as well as job requirements. Some of the benefits of using the job data feed provided by our team at JobsPikr are:

  1. Industry classification of the dataset- Every job entry has the industry mentioned. We cover major job sectors such as Information Technology, Pharmaceuticals, Automobile, Aviation, Finance, Education and more.
  2. Both old and fresh data: You can get a live data feed along with historical job data in case you want to create Machine Learning models on large datasets to enable data-backed decisions at your company. 
  3. Easy to use Interface: JobsPikr’s simple and intuitive interface makes every problem easier to break down, be it deriving job market insights, streamlining the hiring process at your company, or planning your workforce requirements.
  4. Smart Dashboards: Our smart and intuitive dashboards simplify problems related to ascertaining global trends in the job market– both for hiring and research. 
  5. Customizable feed: You can decide how you want to consume the data, as well as the format that you want the data in– by either consuming insights directly from our website or fetching the raw data via API integration.

Our Data Solves Problems

The job data feed provided by JobsPikr allows you to find answers to some of the most common problem statements. These include:

Labour Market Trend Analysis:

The core problem that our data stream solves is figuring out the latest changes in the job market. These could be changes in the overall market or factors affecting only a specific sector. Understanding the core aspect of the market is vital to figuring out how sudden changes affect it. For example, the companies that survived the pandemic were the ones who could use data and adapt quickly.

Skill Gap Analysis:

One of the biggest problems affecting the job market is skill mismatch. The same makes hiring so much more challenging. Finding the current skill gap at your organization by using the latest job data can help you upskill your team to meet the latest requirements and also ensure they are ready to pick up new projects.

Job to Candidate Matching:

The latest algorithms of ML can be run on our data feed to provide better recommendations in terms of matching jobs to candidates. Job matching tools that are trained on good quality data can make the lives of the Talent Management team a lot easier by taking care of a lot of the menial tasks.

Designing Coursework based on the latest Industry Requirements:

When it comes to upskilling, our job data shows the latest trends in tools and technologies that one needs to be familiar with. This data is used by Universities to create coursework that would help candidates in filling the gaps in their profiles and make them more relevant to the current job market.

Salary Benchmarking:

Companies need to have regular salary benchmarking to decide on how much they should be paying new joiners as well as whether any of their existing employees need a salary revision.

Talent Intelligence:

Our job data acts as a boon for HR or People’s Teams in companies as they are armed with data to make better decisions. These reduce their dependence on gut feelings and also remove inherent biases in the system. A company using data for its talent management is likely to focus only on the skills and in turn have a more diverse and well-rounded team.

Backfilling data for Job Boards:

Other than extracting what lies hidden in data, companies can also use our data directly for commercial purposes. Job boards that use data provided by our stream can provide more listings for candidates.

Raw Data and Insights

While you could use our raw data stream to build your solutions, you can even use JobsPikr Insights to consume insights from the job stream in real-time and act on them. These insights drive smart recruitment strategies and enable companies to act fast to new changes. 

As part of these “live insights”, we provide information such as:

  1. The most common job roles and job titles in our data feed
  2. The top locations are advertised on most job listings.
  3. The companies that are having the maximum openings at any point in time. 

On top of these easy-to-use data points, we also make you aware of emerging skill sets, workforce insights, hiring trends, and changes in salary figures. You can furthermore build custom dashboards on top of our data and generate instant on-demand reports.

No matter the size of your company, the industry you operate in, and the region in which you are located, our smart filters can get you the exact data you want, along with the option to change or add new filters. The choice is in your hands– use job data or let it lie on the table to get picked up by your competitors.
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