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After the recession of 2008, the recruitment industry is gradually picking up momentum and now is a good time to re-evaluate your business strategies if you are in this industry. Although the demand for labor is high, employers have become meticulous in hiring talent. Job boards and recruitment agencies should help employers narrow down the selections, thus making it easier to find the exact type of employee they are looking for. Not evolving for this shift towards specialization will result left behind during this time of stiff competition, thus scrape job listings and keep your job board up to date.

Companies in the recruitment industry should also capitalize on the new trends, implement better technologies, and revamp their operating model. The recruitment industry has a prime spot in the ever-evolving technology world. Making smarter technological decisions is one of the key areas to focus on if you want to boost efficiencies and take your growth graph higher.

Extracting data from relevant sources is something every business should be doing already. Here is how extracting job listings using JobsPikr can help companies in the recruitment space.

Why Scrape Job Listings?

New job listings posted on company websites all over the world, every single day. The career page of company websites is a good place to watch if you want to gather some insights and new trends in the recruitment industry. However, the scale at which this needs to derive anything meaningful is very high. Companies in the recruitment space are always on the lookout for ways to extract job listings data on a continuous basis. Job data is primarily used for three applications in the recruitment industry:

1. Fueling Job Boards

2. Generating labour market insights

3. Generating demand for recruitment agencies

What’s Wrong With Web Scraping Job Data In-House

Many companies overlook the complexity of web scraping as a technical niche process and try to scrape job listings database all by themselves in-house. There are DIY tools and open source frameworks used to extract data from the web. Although companies believe this approach could save them the cost of data acquisition, the truth is the opposite. Scraping data using an in-house crawling setup can cost you more in the form of labor, infrastructure, maintenance, and monitoring. The loss of focus in the core business associated with taking up a demanding process like web scraping is also another major issue.

JobsPikr addresses all the issues prevalent with extracting job data from the web. It’s a vertical-specific job data solution that uses AI-based machine learning to extract job listings from the career pages of company websites. Here are some of the benefits you can enjoy while using JobsPikr to acquire job listings data.

Key Benefits of Using JobsPikr

JobsPikr comes with tremendous improvements over traditional web scraping as it is completely automated. Since the AutoExtract algorithm working behind JobsPikr can intelligently identify the fields considered during scrape job listings, the need for manual intervention is null. This automated workflow and the high efficiency of this machine learning algorithm adds to the robustness of JobsPikr as a job data delivery platform. Here are some of the key benefits:

1. Precise Geographical Targeting

JobsPikr delivers the data as bundles, which are a group of sites that belong to a particular geography. This makes it easier for you to target various geographies with your job data aggregation project. For example, if you are a recruitment agency looking to target companies in the USA, you can subscribe to the ‘Popular USA’ bundle which will give you job data from a wide range of companies in the USA. By staying updated to the trending and upcoming requirements in this geo, you can plan your customer acquisition activities accordingly.

2. A Steady Flow of Data

The data flow from JobsPikr, thanks to the intelligent job algorithm doing all the heavy lifting behind the stage. Since our machine learning model is thoroughly trained with large datasets of job listing data, it is smart enough to detect the required data points on its own irrespective of the website it’s crawling.

3. No Maintenance Worries

Being fully automated, JobsPikr requires little maintenance and monitoring. The data pipeline built with cutting-edge technologies, which leaves no room for performance issues.

4. Fresh Data Added Every Day

The AutoExtract crawler behind JobsPikr runs crawls every day, extracting new job listings in the process. The new job listings extracted and downloaded from the ‘Data Download’ area in your preferred format. This way, you will have ready access to fresh job data feeds, all the time.

5. Scrape Job Listings Automatically

This type of job receives an email from the organizations when they use data to find the candidate of their choice. The data that has been put by the candidate in the job portals are scrape job listings by organizations to find candidates by extracting and ingesting candidate data. Web scraping tools used for the same. A data scientist will be responsible for the extraction of the data from different websites. Data scientists will also perform data leveraging.

Scrape Job Listings and Be the Game Changer

The developments in artificial intelligence and machine learning have been ground-breaking in the last few years. Everything automated should be automated, and web data extraction is no exception. Considering the increasing demand for web data, it was only the need of the hour to build JobsPikr. If you haven’t yet, it’s time to sign up at JobsPikr and start reaping the benefits of fully automated job data extraction.


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