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Key Points In Staffing Manager Job Description

Staffing Manager Job Description

A staffing manager handles and oversees the staffing operation of an organization. They identify the staff requirements for every department in the busing by collaborating and coordinating with the hiring manager to learn about their requirements and job posting instructions. 

The staffing managers take care of job application channels, screen applicants, and identify new talents. Their screening might include background checks, skills testing, and credit checks. Staffing managers can also interview probable candidates and hire new employees suitable for the role. They usually have large networks and a big candidate pool that helps them fill in positions easily with suitable talent. 

What is the Staffing Manager Job Description?

Staffing managers can keep the staff engaged, involved, and motivated. Often, they take care of the same tasks, irrespective of the industry they are working in. Here is the primary staffing manager job description.

  • Interviewing and hiring candidates and making sure that they are adequately trained for the job. 
  • Providing constant feedback to keep a check and ensure everyone is in sync. 
  • Managing the whole internal and external staffing resources. 
  • Coordinate with the HR teams to assure staffing methods are being followed to get timely feedback. 
  • Offer hiring metrics to the company as per requirement. 
  • Managing staff schedules and also assigning them respective responsibilities
  • Adapting means to improve retention and keep morale and production high
  • Identify the skills gaps and provide training for improving staff performance
  • Making sure that employees are happy with their job roles
  • Doing periodic performance reviews
  • Leverages online recruiting resources and in house ATS for identifying and recruiting the best candidates for the job
  • Makes sure the staffing activities and processes comply with OFCCP, EEO, legal, and immigration requirement
  • Offer corporate instructions on sexual harassment, EEO topics, and training matters as stated by the employer
  • Maintains informal and formal tradition in the company

Tips to Hire a Staff Manager

To hire the best staffing manager as per the given staffing manager job description for your company, here are a few tips you can follow. 

1. Research the Job Role

To start with your search, you need to review similar job roles to understand the skills a candidate should have. Create a list of common keywords, which are going to show up in the job descriptions. 

It is also crucial to evaluate the required education for the same positions. Identify the level you would like your candidate to have. A majority of the companies require their staff managers to have at least a bachelor’s degree. But there are other companies that require staff managers to have at least a master’s degree. 

2. Write Down a Job Description

The next step is to develop a staffing manager job description of the candidate. Make sure the job description contains a list of work history and educational requirements. Your job description tone has to be informative and friendly. If you are unsure, you can check out similar job descriptions as it will help in creating a compelling job description. When you are done, post it on the job search platforms to promote the opening. 

3. Review All Applicants

Your next step to hire the staffing manager is to narrow down the best candidates for the job. When you are evaluating resumes, take out the ones from the list who don’t fit the key requisites. 

In case any candidates are not right for the job, send them an email that thanks them for applying for the job. You should let them know that they are not the right fit for the job role. To decide the candidates who are the right fit for the job.  In order to decide the candidates who are the right fit for the position of staffing manager, you can evaluate their educational background, skill, and experience. You should check their-

  • Career progression
  • Experience and skills to make sure it caters to the job description
  • Attention to detail
  • Past achievements

4. Interview the Right Candidates

Based on the number of qualified candidates applying for the job role after checking the staffing manager job description, you have to do a 15–20-minute phone screening for each candidate. This gives you a better understanding of the qualifications and background for the role. Out of all the candidates who are fit for the role, you have to hire at least 3-4 for a formal interview. By asking the right questions, you can get an idea about their skills. It will also help you understand how enthusiastic they are about the job role. With behavioral questions, you can evaluate the candidate’s problem-solving capabilities.

A few questions you can ask-

  • What strategies will you use to motivate people?
  • What is your management style?
  • How do you plan to manage stress within the team?
  • How will you handle conflict between your team members?
  • What are your top weaknesses as a manager?

5. Check for References

After you are done with the reviews, you have to check references for the best candidates. It will help you identify and verify their skills. Also, you will get to know more about the type of manager they will be. 

So, you should ask your selected candidates to provide a few references who can give you an idea about their qualifications. A few questions you can ask the candidate’s references are-

  • Can you tell me something about the work ethics of the candidate?
  • Will you please confirm the title and responsibilities of the candidate?
  • Do you think they are a good fit for this role and why?
  • Can you tell us about their leadership qualities?

6. Choose the Right Candidate and Offer Them the Job

Schedule a phone call and extend your offer after you make sure he/she meets the staffing manager job description. In case they accept, send a formal offering that includes the benefits, salary, starting date, and relevant details.

Bottom Line: Staffing Manager Job Description

Staffing Managers take care of your company’s staffing requirements. So, it is crucial to make sure that you are hiring the right staffing manager for your organization and the above tips can help you hire the right candidate who meets the staffing manager job description. 

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