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Marketing Skills

In the software industry, careers in marketing are becoming increasingly important. Since technology is becoming more sophisticated, the need for skilled professionals to promote and sell various products are increasing. This blog post will explore the scopes and trends of marketing jobs in 2022. By understanding these trends, you can better assess whether a career in marketing is right for you.

Data provided by JobsPikr talks about the future value of the marketing field. The job roles, responsibilities, and key trends influencing demand and supply for qualified individuals. We also provide information on remuneration data by geographical location, educational qualifications, and marketing job skills level required.

Marketing Job Purpose

To generate awareness about products and services offered by employers, the companies target the market through various forms of marketing strategies and creating advertisements. Marketers are responsible for developing and executing promotional plans through media channels like TV commercials, Internet ads, radio jingles, and outdoor signage. Hence people become aware of the company and use their services and products. It directly helps to increase the sales revenue. More importantly, it also involves researching new trends and developing ideas to keep businesses updated in the market.

Skills Required

Marketing professionals are aware of current marketing strategies and tactics so they can use the same to promote their products and services. They are inclined towards creativity and can come up with new concepts, promotional campaigns and new advertising mediums that can help to retain an edge over existing competition in the market and grow fast.

Marketing managers need to know about all phases of the marketing process, including product positioning, distribution channels, pricing, etc. They should have strong analytic skills to understand customer needs and create solutions to ensure sales generation through relevant promotional methods. Apart from these, soft skills like communication and empathy is equally prioritized. Having knowledge of consumer behavior, problem-solving abilities and decision-making skills, prove to be an added advantage.

Marketing Job Roles 

Marketing managers develop marketing strategies to effectively make products or services available and accessible to the target market. They also take care of day-to-day tasks related to their job, including planning, organizing, staffing, and directing the operations of organizations to accomplish company’s marketing and sales objectives.

Apart from this, one will also be responsible for formulating policies on production volumes and product mix. This scope involves developing methods for evaluating marketing effectiveness where methods like running a SWOT analysis and developing a customer satisfaction survey become an asset. Marketers are measured using statistical analyses on a KPI basis.

Marketing Job Outlook

It is expected that the demand for marketers will rise around 10% from 2020 to 2030, which is quite a good number. Factors like increasing income levels and a rise in the number of service providers across the country, resulting in increasing demand for marketers who carry expert knowledge on brand building, product differentiation, pricing, and media planning. Their role in promotional activities with a focus on social media has also risen with time.

Marketing Job salary

Marketers are expected to be paid handsomely for their work by 2027, with median earnings growing around 37% from 2012 to 2022, higher than the national average for all occupations. With the rise in purchasing power, marketing professionals are expected to get a huge salary rise. Also, other financial benefits such as bonuses and profit-sharing add up to their total earnings, tending to be quiet high compared to other professionals.

Marketing Job geographical location: Marketing jobs opportunities by country show a positive outlook for all major countries across the world. The geographical areas expected to have a higher demand for marketers include Asia-pacific, North America, the Middle East & Africa. 

Digitalization and Internet

The world has been changing rapidly in the last few decades, and it is expected that this trend will continue over the coming years. The event of digitalization has changed every industry today, from entertainment to marketing. The traditional marketing jobs have come up with a lateral vertical for scouring digital marketing jobs for social media and digital ads. Thus, playing a significant role in promoting products and services. 

It starts with having an online presence and reaches offline activities organically. But there are certain key factors required for being successful in these modern times of internet domination. These factors include work ethic, adaptability, creativity, and resourcefulness.  

Some of the marketing roles that we can expect to see in 2022 include:

  • Marketing Managers
  • Content Writers 
  • Advertising Managers
  • Social Media Marketers 
  • Data Analysts 
  • Email Campaigners 
  • SEO Specialists 
  • Mobile Marketing Experts 
  • Digital Consultants 
  • Market Researchers 
  • Location-Based Marketing 
  • UI and UX Designers

In order to be a successful marketer, one needs to have all these marketing job skills coupled with immense knowledge about different platforms, the ability to create creative content for various mediums, and good written communication skills. There will be a higher demand for marketers with advanced internet marketing skills like big data, guided selling, or product bundling in the future.

Demand for Marketers

As per stats, the demand for marketers is expected to grow at a rate of 6% from 2019 to 2029. This means that more opportunities will emerge for marketers in various sectors ranging from e-commerce portals, restaurants, etc. In addition to this, the traditional roles are also expected to rise at an accelerated pace due to the increasing number of campaigns conducted using digital media. 

However, it’s important to note that this might not happen till 2020 as it takes time for companies to adapt and transition into new models of business, which will eventually lead to automation. As companies are now moving towards automation and digitalization, marketing jobs have started coming up with the requirement of skilled candidates as well as freshers to develop and monitor digital marketing strategies. 


In recent years we have seen an increase in the job opportunities available for marketing professionals due to increased investment by the companies in promotion strategies using traditional channels. Although the specific job roles and titles may change, it’s likely that the fundamental skills required for marketing jobs will still be in high demand five years from now.

So, what marketing job skills should you focus on developing now if you want to make sure your resume is as future-proof as possible? The answer lies in understanding the trends that are shaping the marketing landscape. Keep an eye on our blog for insights into the latest digital marketing strategies, and don’t hesitate to get in touch with us if you need help preparing for your next interview. 

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