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Top US jobs in Demand and How Job Boards can Make the Best Use of It

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The current US job market boom makes this the best period for job-seekers. And if job market predictions are anything to go by, things are only going to get better. This period does not only present an opportunity for job seekers but also for job boards. This is because of the shortage and demand for fresh, qualified talent across the country. Let’s have a closer look at the top US jobs in demand.

Thus, recruiters will have to rely on every medium available to them for reaching out to talent. And among these different ways of reaching potential employees, job boards happen to be among the most prominent ones. So, suppose you have a job board and want it to make the most out of this period of opportunity. In that case, you’ll have to ensure that your job board has all the high-demand job titles that are and will be in demand, and secondly, your job board presents all these jobs on a consistent, regularly updated basis.

Now, you might be wondering how you can identify and predict the top US jobs in demand so that you can source them to become the go-to job board for both recruiters and job-seekers. Here is a little guide on some trends that will shape the US job market and how job boards can exploit them to maximize their traffic, and of course, profits.

The Top US Jobs in Demand in 2021

The rapid technological growth that is currently transpiring will continue to dictate which way the job market swings. And hence, it isn’t much of a surprise that jobs from the Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics fields will continue along the growth trajectory they’ve been on recently. Following is an overview of the top US jobs in demand in the coming period:

Science & Technology

Specializing in science and technology majors and having skills in these fields will make anyone a shoo-in for the present, tech-dominated job market. People who are strong in mathematics, logic, statistics, and programming will have the highest-paid and most easily available jobs in the coming years. Job titles like data scientists, software programmers, analysts, and engineers will see increasing opportunities in the coming years. They will be the most abundant jobs in the market and will become increasingly high-paying if salary trends from the most recent years are anything to go by.

Similar jobs will have high demand in the coming period, which means job boards will have to include similar titles to their job boards to attract job-seeker traffic. Job boards can even create their own high-value, high-demand niche by exclusively compiling job titles focused on these roles. This will not only attract a large volume of interested job-seekers but may also lead to partnerships with recruiters, making your job board even more exclusive and valuable.


The healthcare industry has continued to grow in recent years, and the top US jobs in demand for the same are expected to do so. Job titles like physician assistant, surgeon, massage therapist, anesthetic, dentist, orthodontist, nurse, and physician are healthcare job titles that are likely to see increasingly high-demand in the coming years. Niche healthcare job boards, if they can comprehensively compile these and similar job titles, can become the preferred job board for both employers and employees in the healthcare job market.


Numerous business job titles are also commonly prevalent among the top US jobs in demand. Job titles like accountants, financial managers, sales, and marketing managers will be in high demand. Leadership roles may also see a rise as the number of businesses increases and the ever-present need for experienced and qualified leadership at organizations in every industry.

The Opportunity Ahead for Job Boards

Looking at the job titles listed above, there is a clear pattern that shows how the top US jobs in demand are going to be the ones that require higher levels of education in specialized domains. This means that employers will have to look really hard at candidates to hire the perfect fit for their organizations. And they would need a large pool of potential employees having these specialized knowledge areas and skills to be available to them on a single platform.

Similarly, candidates with these specialized skills will look for job boards with a healthy mix of job titles that fit their qualifications from different employers, regions and requiring different experience levels. Job seekers flock to job boards that can offer them a large volume and a variety of jobs on a single platform. Suppose niche job boards can present a large number of available jobs just in a single industry, region, or pay level. In that case, they can also attract large numbers of candidates having specialized needs or specific preferences.

Thus, keeping job boards filled with reliable and updated links is crucial to gain and keep the trust of job seekers. Maintaining a large base of users also depends on giving them a great user experience. This means listing all the jobs in a simple, consistent, and easy-to-use interface. The job board should give all the relevant information pertaining to the job titles posted on it. Using JobsPikr, you can automate the entire process of job data extraction, which includes:

  • Finding relevant jobs from different sources across the web,
  • Verifying job data for validity and quality
  • Posting validated jobs to the job board
  • Updating jobs in correspondence with the job data on the original employers’ sites
  • Maintaining consistency in the jobs posted on the job board for optimal user experience.

It is clear that as job board owners, you must identify all the top US jobs in demand and ensure that your job board technology is capable of compiling and presenting them satisfactorily to a broad audience. This will ensure that your job board consistently becomes the top choice for job seekers and top employers. And to make that process easy and automatic for you need to look no further than JobsPikr

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