Unveiling JobsPikr Major Upgrade by PromptCloud

Unveiling JobsPikr by PromptCloud

Update: JobsPikr has a new major upgrade and now delivers data from job boards on top of company websites.

After long stretches of rigorous testing and finishing touches, JobsPikr public beta is now live for everyone. We have implemented some of the ideas from the feedback that we received during our private beta program which was exclusively available for the users who had shown interest. This feedback along with the newer improvements made to our AutoExtract system has helped us turn JobsPikr into a robust platform for anyone in need of job data feeds. You can read more about what JobsPikr is and how it works in our introduction blog.

Geographies covered

JobsPikr gives you data feeds from hundreds of company websites across the world. The current geographies that we cover are – US, EU, IN and AU. The list of sites is ever expanding and you can always suggest sites using the ‘Sites Suggestion’ option in the dashboard if you want to introduce a new site to us.

Clean user experience

A clean and easy user interface is one among the focus areas of JobsPikr as we believe getting data from the web shouldn’t be complicated. Keeping this in mind, we have put significant efforts in achieving a smooth workflow. Helpful tooltip information is available for all the available features and finding a site or geography is quick and easy with the filter and search options available in the Site Picker section.


We have tried to ensure that the subscription fee for the job feeds meets the budget of the wide range of companies. 

Ready to use Data feeds

The data feeds that you get from JobsPikr are clean and structured, meaning you can leave all your compatibility worries behind. All you must do is simply plug this data onto your analytics system or database to start using it. Below is a list of the data points included in the schema.

  • URL
  • Company name
  • Job Title
  • Location
  • Job Text
  • Crawl Timestamp

Easy downloads

You can download data sets for the last 30 days in your subscription any time by visiting the “Data Download’ area. You can find the number of extracted jobs on each day for the last 30 days here. The data can be downloaded in either XML, JSON or CSV depending on your requirement.

API documentation

It doesn’t matter if you’re not well versed with tech, the JobsPikr API is thoroughly documented to make your interaction with our API as hassle-free as possible.


The JobsPikr dashboard gives you a quick overview of the new job listings being added to the sites according to your subscription as well as the gross volumes of new jobs in different regions. More reporting features will be incorporated in the dashboard during subsequent updates.

Have feedback?

As we continue to improve the existing features and add new features, your feedback is highly appreciated. Visit this page to signup and start using JobsPikr now.

Acquire clean and up-to-date job listings data in a structured format via JobsPikr.

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