How to Use Job Data Feed from JobsPikr to Generate Leads

Using Job Data for Lead Generation 

Lead generation can be often expensive, that is they are generated by costly advertisements, content creation, PR campaigns, industry events and in-person meetings in most cases. In certain cases, there’s even a high chance of your efforts to generate leads not delivering desired result, even after spending a lot of money. Since advertising dollars are constantly moving to the digital media from the offline channel, it is quite evident that this medium can deliver high-value leads with precisely measure ROI.

Where does JobsPikr come in?

So what is JobsPikr, and how can a job finding engine help you generate business leads? Well, what JobsPikr does, is help you acquire clean job feed that can be used to generate high-quality leads by identifying the services that are currently required by companies in different regions of the world, starting from USA, EU, Middle East to India and Australia. You can use the findings derived from JobsPikr to identify which companies can be contacted to apprise about which of your services. For example, let’s say a company is trying to get a part-time guy who can help with the translation of English to French. You can help the company by providing it with your software that does the same thing and takes no time to provide results. What can be a better way to identify companies across the globe, to target with your service offerings, than through their staffing needs?
There are many services that were taken care of by humans earlier, but today, are done by software. Human Resource help desk, Salary Payment Monitor, and Tax Calculation are among some of the most common things, that are now taken care by software, and not a person, sitting at a desk. These services have enabled companies to worry only about what they do best- their business. It frees them from a lot of unnecessary headache. And the lead generation might not even be only for software sales. You might even have a couple of Android and iOS developers at your disposal and you might try to pick up mobile app building projects from companies, using data collected by Jobspikr. And this is just an example. Often, businesses need technical help for keeping their businesses updated with time and to take advantage of technological findings like their competitors. They try to put up advertisements and build new teams. This can be a laborious task, and you can make it a lot easier for such companies, by identifying them, what they need, and providing them with the services instead. This way, they will be giving you their requirements, and you will be building solutions – both entities doing what they do best.

Why should you use JobsPikr?

Keeping up with changing times is very important. Once you fall out of the race, getting back in is twice as difficult. We recommend that you leverage the job data delivered by JobsPikr to generate leads that can add significantly increase your bottom line.


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