What Is Job Scraping?

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Let us paint you a scenario. There’s a wary applicant who is a quintessential Jack of all trades. They are going through the career pages of the Big 500 trying to find something that fits. They actually belong in your boutique firm, where their learning curve would encompass a holistic KRA. In this blog, we take a look at what is job scraping really.

But, they haven’t heard of you. How do we play cupid to this match made in job heaven? Job scraping.

Job scraping does exactly what it says. It ‘scrapes’ the source pages, career pages of all company websites in this case, and consolidates it in place. It saves time, energy, and most importantly saves a potential missed opportunity. Not only does it consolidate everything in one place, but premium job scraping software also collates it in the format you want to. You will have the master key.

The amount of data that is available is behind human comprehension. Filtering and sieving through that to get to data that really serves the purpose beyond superhuman comprehension. Data harvesting (or crawling, or scraping) does just that. What Flash is to the DC universe; job scraping software is to the job boards. Speed, accuracy, and dexterity.

According to Cisco, global internet traffic stroke 1.1 zettabytes at the end of 2016, and the number is estimated to be over 2.3 zettabytes by 2020. A research group IDC predicted that the world will be creating 163 zettabytes of data a year by 2025. Like we said, beyond human comprehension. So, to make it a tad bit less daunting, let us get you acquainted with job scraping, shall we?

Who can Use Job Scraping Services?

If you keep the snowball effect in mind, practically anybody remotely related to large scale recruitment will benefit greatly with job scraping.

  • Online Job Boards and Job Aggregators

If job scraping is the means, job boards and job aggregators are the ends. It is the destination where all the relevant data is pinned. That being said, for a job board or job aggregator to truly live up to its hype: job listing has to be up to date. Imagine finding the love of your life and finding out that they are already married. Exactly that. Regular data scraping is the need of the hour for both generic as well as niche boards, which are industry-specific. Nobody wants to apply to the best sounding job and find out that the position has been filled already

That’d be a bummer. Divide it into active and passive jobs. Divide it into active and passive candidates. Be the clutter breaker. Data is only good when served fresh.

  • Specific Industry Companies

Job boards are by nature, generic. Expansion is the name of the game in the cut-throat world we live in, especially if you are looking to harvest economies of scale. You need great hires and fast. A regular job board won’t cut it. Your company will have to do some thorough research on its own and spend a lot of its resources on it.

Or, you could simply just ‘outsource’ data extraction. And add tremendous value to your recruitment process in its entirety. Use job scraping software. Ready a list of true value potential candidates who fit right in your wheelhouse. Use your precious time and energy in other aspects of the business. Thank us later.

  • Staffing and Recruitment Agencies

Job scraping is probably the biggest boon for the HR industry by and large. Of all HR tech developments, this one probably takes the cake (and the bakery, in our opinion). Make judicious use of the location and industry filter and get real-time job data.

The Benefits of Job Scraping

Now that we’ve established that you might get left behind if you don’t aboard the job scraping train, we’d like to do a roundup of why it is touted as a tech force to reckon with.

  • Keeps the finger on the pulse: Helps you keep up with the times. Antiquated applications and openings are just going to be annoying bees in your bonnet.
  • Guaranteed success: What can possibly go wrong with job scraping? There are ad hoc data. Then there’s a tool that converges it all while making sense of it.
  • Consistent and organised: Format. Check. Palatable. Check. Filtered. Check. Timely. Check. 

Why Outsource Job Scraping to a Job Scraping Service

Although other web harvesting techniques exist, job scraping is the king on the mantle. Why you still ask? We got you.

The Perks of a Job Scraping Service

  • Resource management: If there is a tool available for it, why not use it. Efficiency and productivity, right?
  • Fast and consistent: Despite the speed, it will be error-free. You will get the job data in the required frequency and format
  • No technical issues: Web harvesting is highly technical and should be automated from the get-go. The service providers ensure that the tech issues are handled at their end. No extra hours of coding for you
  • No maintenance: Check if your job scraping service is managed by the service providers. So, you will not have to make any additional arrangements in setting up and maintaining the technology infrastructure in-house
  • Cost-efficient: As a company that is starting out, you could either build an in-house team or outsource it to a reliable web scraping service. It makes sense to do the latter, business 101.

Data scraping is the latest buzzword. For good reasons, we’d say. Give it a chance. It may sound like a Herculean tech task. It is not. Sometimes the best things in life are simple and sophisticated.

Embrace this and hire the candidate of your dreams. The only perceivable time is now.

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