Who Should Use JobsPikr – Top 8 Use Cases

Who Should Use JobsPikr - Top 8 Use Cases

Having access to ready-to-use job data feeds holds a lot of potential in the recruitment industry. Job listings data can unveil insightful information that could positively impact the bottom lines of companies in the recruitment industry as well as the ones looking to hire quality talent. Until recently, there was no practical and easy solution to get job data feeds from job boards and company websites in an automated fashion. That’s why we launched JobsPikr – a job data aggregation solution that extracts job listings from job boards and career pages of company websites across the world with the help of AI-based machine learning. JobsPikr makes for a great solution to companies looking to leverage the power of job listings data.

What can you do with JobsPikr?

The automated job data feeds from JobsPikr can be used for the following use cases:

1. Fueling Job Boards

Job boards have become the primary destination where candidates and employers meet nowadays. However, to attract candidates to your job board website, you will need a considerable number of job postings on your portal first. This problem can easily be solved by plugging the job data feeds from JobsPikr with the database of your job board site. Since JobsPikr fetches fresh job data from the source websites on a daily basis, this is all you need to keep your job board topped up with job postings.

2. Lead Generation for Staffing Companies

Identifying potential customers at the earliest is the key to more revenue for the staffing companies. As a staffing company, you should know the companies that are hiring at present in order to generate leads. Since it’s impossible to manually visit hundreds of corporate websites to identify prospects, you cannot scale the lead generation process. This can be simplified using JobsPikr. You can subscribe to relevant bundles from JobsPikr that belong to the geographies that you want to target and instantly start receiving fresh job listings from that area. The data will include company details and the job description, which should help you win more clients. Extracting job listings data in an automated fashion is unlikely to be something a staffing agency would want to venture into. JobsPikr helps them get around this problem by giving them access to ready-to-use job listings data to work with.

3. Job Matching Solution

Getting relevant job suggestions in the inbox is something that helps candidates save time and assists them to a great extent in job hunting. Job matching apps make it possible by using a job-candidate matching algorithm that compares the relevancy of a candidate’s skills with the requirements mentioned in a job listing. If a match is found, the system sends the matched jobs to the candidates, and the candidate profiles to the employers. This can drastically boost the revenue made by various businesses operating in the recruitment space (from staffing agencies to job aggregators). JobsPikr can power this matching algorithm by delivering accurate and high-volume job listings data.

4. Competitor Analysis

With most industries hitting their peak saturation points and the competition tightening day by day, the need for quality talent is on the rise. Not only are talented candidates in high demand, but companies are also competing among themselves to acquire them. In this situation, it’s natural that the talented candidates will go for the best opportunity offered to them. By using the job data feeds from JobsPikr, companies can get a big picture of the competing employers in their space and optimize their offer, including the compensation structure. This can help a company stand out from its competitors and will definitely help them make better hires. Sometimes, the job postings made by companies can also reveal what they are up to. Let’s say there is a spike in the number of PhD candidates required at a company, this could indicate that they are working on some research and development project. If the company happens to be your competitor, it would be wise to prepare for the changes anticipated from this information.

5. Content Generation for Media Companies

Media companies are always on the lookout for trustworthy data sources to weave out the next interesting story. However, the data that’s available for media companies from the recruitment industry is mostly public domain data, which is outdated. Media companies can use JobsPikr to get fresh job data feeds and analyze the data to extract information that could make new headlines.

6. Labor Analytics

Labour analytics can help enterprise leaders to develop and improvise recruitment processes, make hiring decisions, and identify and nurture the best workforce for the organization. Since the currently available data for effective labor analytics is limited to government data which is retrospective, fresh job data provided by JobsPikr can make for an effective replacement data. Insights that can be derived include demand share of different industries, compensation structures per industry, job titles in demand, and other global or regional trends in the hiring space.

 7. Market Research

Since data is the raw material for any research project, any company venturing into entering the recruitment space must perform in-depth market research first. Job listings data feed by JobsPikr can complement market research activities to a great extent. The clean and structured data delivery ensures that the feed can be easily consumed by the data analytics system, which will facilitate smooth and seamless analyses and research.

8. Locate Hot Jobs

Identifying hot jobs and the region where more hot jobs get posted will help staffing companies optimize their lead generation campaigns. By analyzing various data points included in the job data feeds schema, staffing companies can set up an analytics system to automatically identify hot jobs as and when they get posted.

Can Candidates Make use of JobsPikr?

The job data feeds provided by JobsPikr are meant for companies in the recruitment industry with the necessary expertise and infrastructure to handle structured data sets. These job feeds are basically fuel for machines and not in a consumable form for normal users that candidates are. For the same reason, candidates would find little value from subscribing to the job data feeds. Candidates would however benefit when job boards and recruitment agencies improve their services using JobsPikr, being the end-users.

Acquire clean and up-to-date job listings data in a structured format via JobsPikr.

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