Writing A Powerful Tech Resume In The Modern Job Market


Having a polished and pristine resume when applying for technical jobs can mean the difference between your resume ending up in the contact pile or in the recycle bin. If you have gaps in your skills, those gaps will stand out on even the best resumes. If you’re looking to update and expand your tech skills, one of the first things you may want to do is to complete a coding Bootcamp course. Routinely updating the skills and education sections will guarantee that there are no gaps in your resume.

However, it is not enough to just update your resume every once in a while. You should get in the habit of updating your resume periodically while you are employed. Doing this can help ensure that you do not forget to add valuable skills that prospective employers may desire. Here are a few more tips to get the perfect technical resume.

Customization Is Key:

Customization of a resume is a key aspect of a job search. If you want your resume to stand out you will want to do your best to make it look fresh and unique without being way too far out there in its design. Try to add some of your personality with background images and stylish fonts, but don’t take it overboard.

Ideally, customization should apply not only to the format but also to each job that you apply. Update your resume and cover letters to add a unique address for the job that you are applying for. Do some research on the company that you are applying to and adjust the style of your resume to reflect the company’s mission, logo colors, or other identifiable characteristics that will catch the hiring manager’s eye.

Above all else, make sure that as you work hard to make yourself stand out. You don’t lie or embellish the truth too much. The concept of “padding” your resume may sound tempting, and you want to showcase your achievements, but don’t over exaggerate. You will get caught.

Showcase Transferable Skills:

Showcasing transferable skills will help you to stand out to prospective employers because those skills can apply to several different areas of business. You want to show them that you can learn new skills quickly and that you come ready to apply exceptional experience and knowledge to the position you are applying for.

Also, try to find ways to combine your old skills with any new skills that you have acquired. For instance, if you previously only had office work experience and are applying for a tech position. Highlight your ability to work well with teams or your ability to manage your time wisely. Combine soft skills and hard skills in refreshing and unique ways. However, be careful not to include irrelevant work experience that may not apply to the position you are trying to get. Learning how to pad your resume appropriately takes a bit of skill of its own. It’s about finding the right balance, which isn’t easy but will serve you better in the long run.

Phrasing Is Important:

If you are new to the tech field, most of your experience and projects will have been things that you developed while in Coding Bootcamp. However, you want to make sure that you don’t bore prospective employers by starting every sentence with “developed,” “coded,” or “programmed.”

Instead, use strong action words such as “led,” “pioneered,” “successfully,” “implemented,” and others. Using words such as these convey a strong message to prospective employers. That you are the right person to lead a project to successful completion. Whenever possible, supplement these words with measurable quantifiers such as explaining how you successfully implemented a project that led to X results.


Writing a technical resume isn’t the same as a non-technical resume. But that doesn’t mean that it needs to be significantly harder. Research information on best technical resume writing tips or consult with a professional resume writing service. They will make sure your resume will pass ATS tests. With a lot of research and a little creativity, you can become a resume pro in no time.

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