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Counted amongst top job sites worldwide, is known for its unique features that help align the right candidates for the right job roles. The Indeed job board site records more than 200 million visitors per month and its services are available in over 60 global countries and 28 different languages. The website now covers 94% of global GDP and contributes to global recruitment processes with its unique pay-for-performance recruitment and advertising network.

The WordPress job board plugin also helps the companies to find out which candidate wants to apply for a role that is vacant in the organization or no. When there is a job post that is posted on the website which is created with the help of WordPress the plugin helps a lot for the organization or the person making the changes as it is simple and easy to use. The plugin can easily be used and a theme can be created and the necessary buttons can be dragged and dropped into the theme layout and create a job board. The page builder helps in a way like no other, you can create application forms for the candidates to sign up for and use the same for further information. A dedicated job board manager must be present at all times so that he can monitor the influx of job candidates that they receive on a regular basis. In this article, we will explore how Indeed works and understand its history.

Indeed Job Board History and Statistics

Indeed job portal is known to millions of targeted applicants and offers plenty of job options in almost every field. The platform is branded as one of the most cost-effective sources for finding the best-suited candidates for thousands of companies located all over the world. As per recent reports published on similarweb, the job site is ranked 83 and 33 amongst popular job portals located globally and domestically, respectively. The same report reveals that 19.41% of traffic is coming from referrals and 37.62% is coming from searches. The average search analysis matrix includes 87.32% of organic search results, while 12.68% traffic is coming from paid searches. 1.73% of traffic is from Social platforms, out of which Facebook and YouTube contribute the most with 46.31% and 25.63%, respectively. Now you know the history of Indeed, but will still be curious to understand how Indeed works. Let’s move to the next section where we will explain in detail on how Indeed works.

How Does Indeed Job Board Work for Job Seekers

You need to understand how Indeed works. Owing to its vast industrial reach and reliable employment network, most of the recruiters, job seekers, and HR managers are relying on this job site for getting the right candidates and jobs. The portal comes with various add-on benefits and added convenience support to help you find the right talent with great ease. Following are some of the key factors that the website uses to engage more users and to offer immediate assistance while finding the right candidate:

1. Allows You to Post a Job in 5 Minutes

The job portal offers optimal ease by letting you post a job on its interface by just investing 5 minutes of your business schedules. The portal requires a registered account to help you offer seamless access to your already made profiles, which helps in monitoring responses for submitted application requests, and track candidate participation. It will not take more than 5 minutes to get your company registered on the portal and then you can start posting from the WordPress jobs board for free.

2. Get Your Jobs Sponsored to Attract More Candidates

Undoubtedly, millions of new jobs are added to Indeed each month and most of them get ample responses from potential candidates with sponsored job posting support. It is agreeable that free job postings lose visibility and may make you wait long to get suitable responses from targeted candidates, but choosing sponsored ads over regular ones can get assured responses in lesser time. If you wish to hire fast, then you will require promoting your job posts through Sponsored Jobs section. Make your jobs appear as the first options to potential candidates, and hire smart with added comfort.

3. Well-Versed Candidate Management Dashboard

The job site features a detailed dashboard to help you manage your candidates with great ease. Job applicants will send their interest via emails and it may become difficult for you to manage everything at its best. The Indeed dashboard can assist you while reviewing applications, scheduling interviews and viewing recommended candidates from a single pane.

4. Find the Right Fit for Mentioned Profile

You can easily update your job description or budget any time. This can help in driving more people to your jobs and helps in converting them as your potential employees. You can use Indeed Resume service to find the exact candidates by mentioning the skills and experience you have been looking for.

Indeed Job Board – Key Learnings

Undoubtedly, Indeed is offering a seamless interface to help a job seeker and an employer meet for mutual benefits. The portal lists various job opportunities and help HR managers and recruiters to announce vacancies in their organization to masses. On the other hand, it serves as an updated database to help job seekers find job as per their relevant industries and send applications to those jobs with added convenience. The website uses a web crawler to search and find jobs that are being published by various employers. The data collected by the web crawler is then shown on their website. The website integrates parent website, hosting the job opportunity, to its database and enable employees to get redirected to the career section of the employer, if they click on the listed job opportunity.

Apart from serving as a job listing platform for job seekers, the portal also helps employers in finding their potential candidates with the help of its web crawler engine. The website requires an employer or its representative to create an account, feed in user’s details, and latest openings with descriptions about what they are looking for. While publishing job postings on this portal, it requests you to add several relevant keywords and skills that can assist in speeding up the process of finding the right candidate. If entered properly, the search capabilities of the website can help you to gain access to profiles of potential candidates, and you can contact them directly.

What Other Players Must Learn From Indeed Job Board

Since the portal is known for offering access to millions of jobs from all over the globe with its brilliant web crawling mechanism, Indeed is fast emerging as a preferred choice of job seekers when it comes to finding the apt job in a mentioned industry. On other hand, it is also helping employers to contact relevant candidates by considering their profiles published on the platform. The best thing about this website is its unique pay-for-performance pricing model. The model helps you to get assured results by assisting you to pay only when you get results. Offering complete flexibility to hiring decisions and processes, here’s all the website has to make other job posting websites a big success:

1. Concept of Sponsored Jobs

Making your job listed as a Sponsored Job helps you to reach out to potential candidates at the earliest by making your job posting appear on the top of the search results. It makes the listing appear as the first job people see in search results while looking for a particular role or in a specific category. Sponsored Jobs are highlighted in search results to help an employer get greater visibility as compared to a free job listing. As per the metric shared by the company, sponsored jobs gets up to 5X more clicks than free job listings.

2. Charge for What You Have Delivered

The website follows the pay per performance advertising network, thus, outliving all the traditional forms of making the world know about your vacant positions. The concept is really helpful and attracts more employers to post their jobs online because they will only pay when someone clicks on the published job to view it. In this method, the employer has all the control over making the hiring process a big success. Incorporating a feature similar to this can assist other job posting portals to build better images, and get faster responses for their submitted job requests within defined budget targets.

3. Use a Smart Applicant Tracking System

You may have often received job applications from potential candidates, but couldn’t have been able to handle them correctly. A miss in communication may lead to severe conditions, wherein you may end up losing a potential candidate who could be the best fit for the mentioned profile. If you wish to get crowned as the owner of the best job listing portal, then you must incorporate a robust applicant tracking systems (ATS) for managing online recruiting tasks and procedures. Tracking applicants and hiring procedures online can assist in making the world simpler and assists in closing mentioned profiles within stipulated time-frame.


Undoubtedly, Indeed is one of the fasted growing job listing portals that’s servicing recruitment requests across the globe. Hopefully, now you know how Indeed works. Indeed utilizes amazing web crawling capabilities and data extraction techniques to help candidates and employers find what they are looking for with ease. There is a lot that other websites can learn from this global recruitment giant and applying these findings can assist even small start-ups to grow beyond imagination.


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