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You’re probably aware of the fact that the job boards industry had already hit its saturation point long back. Now, there is a job board that caters to every sector and niche that you can think of – Programmers, Designers, Marketers, HR professionals, you name it. We’re talking about tens of thousands of job boards here. What does this intense competition mean for job boards? It means it’s time to stand out from the rest or be forgotten. Let’s see what it takes for job boards to thrive and grow amidst the present challenges in the market and how automated job posting can bring in significant change.

When the market is saturated, the only way to stand out is to significantly beef up your offerings, both for the recruiters and the job seekers. There’s one great lesson that job boards can learn from Facebook–the reason Facebook turned out to be a massive success is because they managed to get everybody on their platform. When all your friends are on Facebook, there’s literally no point in seeking another social network to connect with your friends. Similarly, job seekers and recruiters need a single job board where they get all or most of the available jobs and candidates.

Simply put, if you want to take your job board to the next level, you should be focusing on being a platform with more job listings. Job seekers would love the convenience of finding all relevant jobs in a single place.

Automated Job Posting for Job Board

Focus on a niche

Beating the top job boards like Indeed, Monster and LinkedIn to take their place can be a tough mission. Newer job boards are better off focusing on a specific niche, say jobs for web developers. If you find an untapped niche with great potential, you will find it easier to evade the competition and get noticed.   You can also build a geo-specific job board that focuses on particular geography to get an edge in the competition. Some examples of geo-specific job boards are , and

Get all the jobs

Remember that you will have to get all the jobs in one place to actually make an impact. Lack of opportunities will drive job-seekers away from your job board, sooner or later. Manually gathering job listings is not going to help you scale up fast enough. Turning towards automated job posting solutions would be your best bet when looking for a way to populate your job board with thousands of job listings.

More value-added services

Offering add-on services is a great way to distinguish yourself from the competition. Now that the job boards market is quite saturated, you will have to come up with features and services that can make the life of recruiters and job seekers easier. You could consider offering domain-based insights from the pool of jobs and job seekers, or the average salary ranges to provide a richer experience to the users.

When it comes to marketing, you could also consider using big brand names for advertising your job boards. This easy hack only requires you to advertise jobs from big names in the industry like–jobs at Microsoft, jobs at Uber, jobs at Google and so on. This can help you attract candidates to your job board with minimal effort.

Solving the ‘chicken and egg’ problem

The biggest challenge, especially during the beginning stages of a job board, is the chicken and egg problem. This happens because, in order for your job board to attract job seekers, it should have quite a good number of job listings and recruiters wouldn’t post jobs unless you have a sufficient pool of candidates as users. The best way to tackle this issue is to focus on one side first. You will have to focus on getting either more recruiters or candidates first and the other party will follow, eventually. It is recommended to focus on attracting candidates first.

To attract candidates to your job board, you need a significant number of relevant job postings on your site. Since you cannot expect companies to post jobs on your empty job board site, you will have to rely on a job data feed solution like JobsPikr to populate your site with fresh job listings from job boards and company websites.

How Automated Job Posting from JobsPikr Can Help

JobsPikr is a job data delivery platform that extracts job listings from job boards and career pages of company websites across the globe. It uses an intelligent machine-learning algorithm to identify various data fields from job listing pages and can do this efficiently and at scale.

JobsPikr was built to solve the biggest problems faced by job board websites–lack of up-to-date, accurate and adequate job listings. By subscribing to relevant job data bundles in JobsPikr which are segregated by geographies, you will have ready access to the job listings from all the sites in that region, as and when it gets published on the websites.

The complexities associated with extracting job data is taken care of by the Auto-extract engine that’s under the hood and delivers the data in a clean and structured format, ready to be plugged into your database. Since the automated job posting from JobsPikr are delivered in a ready-to-use format, you can save some precious time that could have gone into processing the data for your website.

Having fresh job listings is definitely a USP for job board websites, and JobsPikr makes for a great solution to get this jobfeed data effortlessly and at a reasonable cost. We are currently working on new feature additions for the upcoming version that includes an option to select job data feeds sorted by the industry.

Automated Job Posting – The Need of the Hour

Since the job board market is filled with domain agnostic and niche players, it’s a tough market to get into or even sustain. Job listings being the fuel that job boards run on, you simply cannot afford to run out of it. As a job board business trying to capture the market share, you should in fact be looking for efficient ways of filling your site with more job listings. JobsPikr provides a great deal of value to the job boards trying to scale up their business by offering fresh job data feeds.

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